Great Stories

Now fame is one sweet thing…but it becomes poison if you cant handle it well…..

So many celebs have been brought back to earth with ONE moment of silliness…..madness…..stupidity.

And now, one of Kenya’s upcoming actors…a lady who made us warm up to the Tabasamu Show on Citizen TV has let her guard down and caught in a moment of silliness…with..literally, her pants down….with her prized asset immortalised in the lens of a yet to be recognized photographer…..


First, there is no problem taking a picture of your crush….here this kamrembo was within the boundaries of normalcy…but then!…..

She decided to Vuka the railing and join the P Square dudes on stage……now kama umevaa Trouser sawa…lakini kama ni dress top na hauna thuruari…….noma!!


And Note: She is also appearing on the Brookside Billboards….


Comments on: "Tabasamu Girl Caught Pantless" (3)

  1. I luv her pussy.its hawt.wud luv to suck her clit

  2. Majimbi fulani waliingiza siku.

  3. oooohh yes lov this big pussy for big booty woman oooh my 12 inches dick to erect mara hiyo hiyo ohh i wish agekuwa karibu

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